Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings

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Modern Ruby Diamond Ring

This raised cocktail ring is simply stunning and flies right off the shelves. With a high profile th..

INR 1,550.00

Diamond Cocktail Ring

This beauty delivers maximum bling for those looking to dazzle. Lots of round diamonds creatively pl..

INR 999.00

Pretty In Pink

The unique filigree design gets an extra pop with the pretty rectangular rodo in the centre..

INR 800.00

The elower ring

Another simple yet effective floral design, this pattern showcases a youthfulness that it imparts to..

INR 950.00

Dazzling Diva Ring

A combination of gold with diamonds patterned in layered petals and centered with eye catching red s..

INR 850.00

Silver Flower Ring

Circles come together around pearls to create a flower. Unique and striking...

INR 1,100.00

Curved Band Ring

This unique ring is worn on a single finger but spans the breadth of two. A unique design concept fo..

INR 2,200.00

Impert Square Ring

A square within a square within a square. A beautiful pink semi precious stone sits at an angle in t..

INR 1,400.00

Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

This ring features a gorgeous black zircon stone and is surrounded with white diamonds in a whimsica..

INR 999.00