Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings

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Silver Ornate Ruby Diamond Ring

Another stunner for those who like it bold and glamorous. Very well patterned diamond arrangement dr..

INR 1,200.00

Tricolor Cocktail Ring

Who doesn't love color? This ring has it all. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Combined with a unique ..

INR 1,200.00

Royal Signet Ring

One word is enough to describe this work of art. ROYAL. Intricate design and a brilliant rectangular..

INR 999.00

Circular Diamond Ring

A sem-precious stone is surrounded by round brilliant and then baguette diamonds. Looks like a milli..

INR 1,200.00

Circular Cocktail Ring

A semi precious dark green center stone is surrounded by gold studs which are then surrounded by bag..

INR 950.00

Emerald Diamond Ring

This ring features a gorgeous emerald zircon stone and is surrounded with white diamonds in a whimsi..

INR 999.00

Ruby Star Ring

Gorgeous cocktail ring composed of black diamonds and pearls. A stunning, ever classic combination. ..

INR 1,450.00

Pearly Pleasures Ring

A lovey ring with several layers of pearl. Ultrafeminine and chic...

INR 1,050.00

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Marvelous marquise cut diamonds are arranged in a leaf like pattern form the backbone of this ring. ..

INR 1,150.00

Garnet Cocktail Ring

An exquisite ring crafted with beautiful garnets, surrounded by small diamonds. An intense red color..

INR 1,250.00

Glamor Doll

Absolutely brilliant! A gorgeous and glamorous flower created with several diamonds! Rounds and bagu..

INR 1,450.00

Multigem Cocktail Ring

The height of style! Extravangance personified. Add color to your day. Match with several outfits! A..

INR 1,650.00

The Swish Cocktail Ring

Lovely curves surround these beautiful oval pearls. A delight to look at and a joy to wear!..

INR 920.00

Sun Ray Cocktail Ring

Gorgeous big pearl surrounded by lot of diamonds. Whimsical pattern represents the sun.......

INR 1,090.00