American Diamond Necklace Sets

American Diamond Necklace Sets

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American Diamond Necklace Set with Peach Coral Roses

 An ultra gorgeous necklace set. In this american diamond necklace set the full necklace is emb..

INR 4,300.00

American Diamond Necklace Set with Wine Diamonds

 An ultra gorgeous necklace set. Amazing wine drops cascade down from an intricately designed g..

INR 6,200.00

American Diamond Floral Necklace Set

Product Description :  A fun and modern design that retains an element of tradition. Elevated w..

INR 4,900.00

American Diamond Necklace Set with Purple (Rodo) Drop

Product Description :  A fun and modern design that retains an element of tradition. Elevated b..

INR 3,900.00

American Diamond Necklace Set with Pearl Chain, Emeralds and Rubies

Product Description :  Inspired by royal dreams, this amazing set is made of american diamonds ..

INR 3,800.00

Royal Aquamarine Pearl String Necklace Set

Product Description : .A beautiful pearl choker necklace set, crafted with diamonds and simulated sa..

INR 12,000.00

Royal Peacock Diamond Necklace Set

Product Description :  Part of our Dance of the Peacocks series, this necklace set is an ode to..

INR 4,800.00

Pearl Necklace Set

A lovely necklace gold plated set with american diamonds and pearls. Earrings can also be worn by th..

INR 3,900.00

Ruby Diamond Necklace Set with Pearls

Go Bold. Make a splash. Stand Out. Make dreams come true. Look resplendent in red..

INR 5,500.00

Delicate Pearl Drops

Great multicolor hues make them a set that can be worn on multiple outfits. Small pearl drops lend a..

INR 2,800.00

Solitaire Necklace

Currently the rage in the world of diamonds and always a classic. Solitaires never fail to impress. ..

INR 4,500.00

American Diamond Necklace with Rubies and Emeralds

Rubies and emeralds come together with diamonds to make this a perfect match for most outfits. An ev..

INR 2,800.00

Diamond Curvalicious Necklace Set

One of our most popular designs. Loved for its versatility. Available in blue, green and red. See ad..

INR 3,500.00

American Diamond Chandelier Necklace Set

Looking for a large pendant to pair with that alluring neckline? Looking for earrings that can captu..

INR 7,800.00