American Diamond Bangles

American Diamond Bangles

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American Diamond Bangles

An elegant and yet fun design. Two tone playing studded with several diamonds makes this pair cravew..

INR 2,900.00

Ruby Drops

If you love rubies, this should be yours! Limited Availability...

INR 3,600.00

Ruby Emerald Bangles

A beautiful pair that is conventional in design yet still modern with the double swish joined with r..

INR 3,200.00

Solitaire Diamond Bangles

We love simplicity. It speaks volumes. And so does this pair...

INR 940.00

Spiral Diamond Bangles

Beautiful diamonds twist around two gold bangles. A design as unique as ever, to make you feel as be..

INR 1,600.00

American Diamond Bangles

These would be perfect for wearing one in each hand. Or gift one to a loved one. Any way you decide,..

INR 3,500.00

Gold Crystal Bangles with Pearls

For the pearl lovers! Surrounded by Japanese crystals. Pretty, elegant and charming. All at a great ..

INR 790.00

Silver Crystal Bangles

Exquisite Japanese crystals outlined with american diamonds make this a must have at a great price!..

INR 850.00

Ruby Diamond Bangles

Our prettiest pair of bangles. Simply stunning. Vivacious rubies complemented by diamonds. Guarantee..

INR 4,200.00

Sleek Diamond Bangles

Beautifully crafted bangles with an excellent finish. One of our favorite pairs, choose these if you..

INR 2,600.00

Twist Diamond Bangles

Delicate, as the name suggests. Swishes interspersed with flowers. Great for semi casual and even da..

INR 2,600.00

American Diamond Bangles

Flowers. Can make most anything look pretty. Cloistered diamonds make pretty flowers which make beau..

INR 3,500.00

Curvy Diamond Bangles

Curves. More the merrier. With diamonds nestled in their bosom...

INR 2,500.00