Danglers & Drops

Danglers & Drops

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Diamond Drop Turquoise Earrings

As the name suggests, this one is for all the divas out there. Simply stunning, evidently gorgeous. ..

INR 2,900.00

Pearl Drops

Delicate pearl work called 'chid' is used as an outline for these earrings. A rustic antique finish ..

INR 1,800.00

Ethnic Blue Long Earrings

Lovely long and blue. Wear these and people will keep on staring in admiration. ..

INR 1,200.00

Diamond Danglers

Beautiful uncut diamonds are the star of these earrings. Layered in edged gold, this pair can lift a..

INR 2,800.00

Rose Gold Earrings

Delicate pink roses centered in these gorgeous gold earrings that are then outlined with diamonds. G..

INR 1,100.00

Turquoise Diamond Earrings

Extremely beautiful turquoise studded earrings. Inspired by the Victorian era and outlined with diam..

INR 2,900.00